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History and Theory of Basic Piping

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What's the pipe? from where and for what that pipe? | I guess, everyone must have been familiar with the pipe. A cylindrical used to drain the fluid. Piping was just like the arteries and veins…

First discovery of Oil and Gas in Indonesia

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One appeal of friendly countries eyeing Indonesia because the country does not have the natural resources of diverse, particularly mining products such as coal, oil and natural gas. However, though…

Miscellaneous valve

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Valve is a device that regulates, directs or controls the flow of a fluid (gas, liquid, fluidized solids) to open, close , or close a portion of the flow path .

Valve in everyday life, the most…

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Office And Warehouse
  • Head Office.
    De Paradise Building
    Jl. Perancis No.l78 Kosambi,Dadap
    Tangerang- Bantern 15213
    p : +62212967 3939
    F : +62212967 3938
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    W :
  • Jakarta Office.
    Jl.Pangeran Jayakarta 66/86
    Jakarta 10730
    p : +6221628 8319
    F : +6221628 8318
    E :
  • Balikpapan Branch.
    Ruko Balik Papan Baru Little China
    BtokAB-7 No-9 Damai,
    Balikpapan Selatan- Kalimantan Timur
    p : +62 542 720 4426/564 6523
    F : +62 542 720 4411
    E :
  • Batam Branch.
    Jl. Kerapu RT001RW015
    Kel. TanjungSenkuang Batam
    p : +62 778 414 261
    E :
  • Surabaya Branch.
    Jl. Raya Dupak No. 63
    Komplek Ruko Mutiara Dupak Blok A-12/ D-6 Gundih – Bubutan; Surabaya – Jawa Timur, 60172
    p : +6231 5322 847
    F : +62851 0214 9955
    E :
  • Warehouse I (7000 m2).
    Jl.Raya Perancis 178 Tangerang
    p : +62 212967 3939
    F : +62 212967 3938
  • Warehouse III (1080 m2).
    Pergudangan Pantai lndah Dadap
    Jl.Raya Perancis no 2,Blok CN- 9
  • Warehouse Ill (450 m2).
    Jl.Somber RT.054
    Kel. Batu Ampar- Balikpapan
    p : +62 542 720 4426/564 6521
    F : +62 524 720 4411
11/12/2008 - SK Engineering
- On time delivery schedule
- Best price and Good quality of product supplier
- Good cooperation with sal

11/12/2008 - Liam Obor
- Quick Service : The service is given is so quick. The response is so fast from when we asked the inquiry until the PO is delivered as well as the products.
- Documentation for the payment completion is so complete
- Complaint response is so fast and all can be done correctly.

11/12/2008 - B. Manik - PT. Bangun Bejana Baja
Kami atas nama PT. Bangun Bejana Baja menyatakan bahwa PT. Paradise Perkasa adalah supplier terbaik di Jakarta, dengan alasan sbb:
- memiliki management system
- memiliki gudang dengan penataan material yang baik dan rapi
- memiliki personnel mengenal material dengan baik
- memiliki personnel yang cepat tanggap ( good response) dan cooperate
- document-document authentic, tdk rekayasa
- order dikiri- kondisi material selalu baik dan dapat dipertanggungjawabkan
- material yang direcondisi memiliki legal certificate ( COC)
Demikian kami sampaikan, kami sangat mengharapkan semakin lebih baik pelayanan terhadap consument


PT. PARADISE PERKASA was established in 1993 in a period of petrochemical, oil & gas industrial booming and now, become one of the leading stockiest in piping systems in Indonesia.

We emphasize in the supply of high quality materials mainly to Engineering Fabricators, Contractors, Petrochemical Industries, Power Station, Oil refineries and Oil & Gas Industries.

Our policy is to provide the most comprehensive and reliable service in the industries as we realize that it is the most customers are looking for. Therefore, we apply advance computer system and fully trained personnel to keep in touch with our clients and datas so that we can keep on our standard of services. As a proof, we have been accredited ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standard since 2014

Furthermore, Our stocks are manufactured and fully conformed to ASTM/ASME and other international standards.

Yours faithfully,



PT. PARADISE PERKASA was established in 1993 in a period of petrochemical, oil & gas industrial booming and now, become one of the leading stockiest in piping systems in Indonesia.

Vision And Mission

As one of the market leaders and still growing, our company has the VISION and MISSION clear and definite to achieve corporate goals.


The organizational structure is an important thing in a company. Therefore the structure of the organization is characteristic of companies that continue to grow and become a large company.

Certificate And Awards

Certification and credits given to our company.


Our company facilities we provide as supporting and providing superior service to our customers.

Office And Warehouse

As the market leader for pipes, fittings, flanges, valves, plate and steel bar. Our company has several branches in some areas in Indonesia.

Our Stock

we are also a leader stockists certainly always ready and prepared for the material - material such as pipes, fittings, flanges, valves, plate and steel bar.

Our Cooperating Brands

Our company has been cooperating and supplying to the reputed companies and was maintained until now.

Standard Material

for the products we sell certainly guarantee its authenticity in accordance with the standards that have been recognized and certified internationally.

  • PIPE

    Is a circular sleeve which is used to drain the fluid or gas. In the industrial, the pipe is usually used to drain a fluid either liquid or gas. Forms of construction pipe contained in an industrial enterprise is affected by the type of fluid to be piped to the various considerations to environmental influences that exist. There are various sizes and different schedules that are customized to the needs.


    Are the accessories that are used to connect two or more pipes. can be shaped elbows, tees, reducers and other suitable shape and needs. In the process of using a steel pipe connection fitting, of course, will be studied in advance whether a connection to be made are fixed and can’t be opened or the desired connection can be opened at any time for purposes of maintenance or repair.


    Is a component used to connect between the two elements of the pipe with a valve or pipe with other equipment into a coherent whole using bolts as adhesive. Flange for pipe types and sizes vary depending on the specification and design of piping used.


    Is a device attached to the piping system, which serves to organize, control and direct the fluid flow rate by opening, closing or partially closing the fluid flow. There are various types of valves, namely Gate Valve, Plug Valve, Ball Valve, Globe Valve, Needle Valve, Diaphragm Valve, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, Pressure Relief Valve Device, Pressure Reducing Valve, and Traps Valve


    Is iron that has been smelted and processed into bars long and available in the form of round and deformed.


    Is a flat iron is used for industrial needs. For PLATE STAINLESS is a type of stainless steel plates that are anti-corrosion / rust therefore it’s a better quality plate.

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